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Concrete steps and outreach efforts


As a supporter, your participation in one or more of the current Working Groups of the Sociedad Criónica would be very helpful:

  • Administration. Design and implementation of the SC management system
  • Advisory. Guidance and administrative resources to be cryopreserved.
  • Communications. Extend cryonics and SC outreach efforts. Help with Internet, advertising and marketing resources.
  • Standby and cryopreservation. Organizational and scientific activities in both subjects.

Supporters rights and duties.

Supporters specific rights:

Take part in all activities organized by the Association in compliance with its purposes
Attend and take part in the Members General Assemblies , Ordinary and Extraordinary, with voice but without vote.

Receive information about the agreements adopted.

Make suggestions to the members of the Board of Directors in order to better fulfill the purposes of the Association.

Supporters duties:

Supporters specific duties:

The loyal observance of what is established in the Statutes.

Help to achieve the specific purposes of the Association.

Perform the duties for which they are elected.

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