At the Sociedad Criónica we care about the Fundamental Rights to Life and Health of every human being.

That is why we defend the use of Human Cryopreservation as an experimental curative support treatment.

Always guided by our values ​​(Belonging, respect, honesty, generosity, curiosity and responsibility, among others).

We are a non-profit association. An independent initiative of the Third Health Sector, born to contribute to the work carried out by the public sector and other private organizations.

We want to ensure that we can all enjoy a longer and healthier life, defending the rights of citizens to freely decide between the available medical options.

Among our current activities are the promotion and dissemination of the “Criónica” in all aspects, to achieve our goals as an association as soon as possible: standby services, preparation and transfer of patients, as well as the construction of Cryopreservation Centers.

Initially, our main source of income is the membership fees, which we use in the administrative management and maintenance of our website. As soon as our resources permit, we will hire a legal service to be able to open the path to implement the rights for which we are fighting for, from our Association.


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