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Dr. Rodolfo Goya is a senior researcher at the Institute of Biochemical Research of La Plata (INIBIOLP), located at the school of Medicine, National University of La Plata, Argentina. In this area he leads a research group dedicated to the neurobiology of aging, focusing his line of work on the design of strategies of protective gene therapy in animal models of neuroendocrine aging and neurodegeneration. Another area of ​​interest is the application of gene transfer assisted by magnetic fields in the brain.

It should be noted, however, that in the last 3 years, he and part of his group have turned fully to the implementation of cell rejuvenation and in vivo, using cell reprogramming with pluripotency genes.

Dr. Goya’s group is a leader in the field of Latin American experimental gerontology and has had financial support, among others, from the National Institute on Aging, NIH, USA and the European Union through the EULANEST project with nanotechnologists from Zaragoza , Munich and Averio (Portugal). Currently has a grant from the Medical Research Charitable Foundation and the Society for Experimental Gerontological Research, New Zealand, for the development of a rejuvenation project for cell reprogramming, as well as a grant from the German Hirsch Foundation to carry out a cryonic research project .

Dr. Goya has collaborated with researchers from the Cajal Institute in Madrid, under the auspices of the CSIC and the Argentine Council of Scientific Research (CONICET). He is the author or co-author of more than 140 scientific publications, mostly on gene therapy and neurobiology of aging.

Dr. Goya is an attentive observer of emerging technologies such as nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and biotechnology. Considers cryonics as a “ship to the future” that is the only possibility currently available to reach, in several decades, a future in which science and technology will have managed to overcome aging.


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