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Cayetano Santana Gil studied Electrical Engineering at the ETSIT of Madrid (UPM) and at the ETSIT of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC). Since 1985 he has worked as a HR technician and as a technology, innovation and quality manager for SMEs. He has carried out promotion and dissemination of cryonics since 2002. He collaborated with the Sociedad Española de Criogenización (SEC) in 2003. Promoter in 2004 of the project, portal in Spanish for the dissemination and development of Human Cryopreservation and the Extension of Longevity.

Since 1990 he also works for associations dedicated to space exploration. He began in space exploration through astronomy, in the investigation of interplanetary matter, starting in 1991, when he joined the Agrupación Astronómica de Gran Canaria (AAGC), an association formed in June 1990, of which he has been an Honorary Member since 1995. For four years he held various management functions in the AAGC, obtaining social premises, equipment and facilities in the top of Gran Canaria. As a result of the institutional relations carried out, in 1996 the Cabildo was able to start up the construction project of the Observatorio Astronómico Gran Canaria (OAGC). He also collaborated with SOMYCE in management functions, from February 1993 to March 19, 1996, and promoted the publication of a renewed Meteors magazine. From then on, his interest focused on spatial colonization, managing projects related to the colonization of Mars and space tourism, specializing in advanced life support systems (Human Hibernation, welfare systems, etc) and their terrestrial applications, etc. 

In 2001 he founded the association The Mars Society España (TMSE), promoting and working on projects such as Euro-MARS, the Space Tourism and Analogue Research Station and The Mars Show.

Promoter of the Space Week of the Canary Islands, whose first edition was held in 2002, and the Yuri’s Night of Gran Canaria since 2007. In 2011 he received the Vicente Albert Prize, from the Laboratorio de Experimentación en Espacio y Microgravedad (LEEM), for its important contribution to the achievement of the aims of the Association, highlighting its effort, commitment, dedication and companionship.

He is also a promoter of the Mars Simulated Mission (MSM), a joint project of TMSE and LEEM, currently managed by the Space Tourism and Analogue Research Station (STARS), and its first MSM0 activity (2013).

Co-author of the book Espacio140, published in May 2017. Collective financing project, born in March 2013 with the aim of disclosing definitions and terms, using less than 140 characters, related to space exploration, astronomy, astrobiology, astronautics and, in general, any science related to Space, its exploration and its history.

Cayetano combines management functions with dissemination, as a lecturer and writer, collaborating with entities such as the Agrupación Astronómica de Gran Canaria (AAGC), the Observatorio Astronómico de Temisas (OAT), with consultancy functions of astronomical and space tourism, in the fields commercial and financial.
Other projects promoted by Cayetano: GANIMA (MIP’s Research Stratospheric Aerostatic Platform); Círculo Científico de Canarias (CICICAN).

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