How to Become a member

Why should I join Sociedad Crionica?

There are two main reasons to join us. First: we want to achieve our goal of recognizing the right to be cryopreserved in Spain if that’s your personal choice and second and most important, if you are planning or you already have a cryonics plan with some provider such as Alcor or Cryonics Institute, you need to be a member of Sociedad Crionica in order to be treated from the very first minute and go through the first part of the stabilization protocol prior to be sent to you cryonics provider; without this main step, all the rest would be worthless as well as having all your legal arrangements solved.

Sociedad Crionica DOES NOT support NON-MEMBERS.

As a non-profit, all volunteers are welcome to work with us in our common goal.

How can i join Sociedad Criónica?

At the moment we only work in Spain and Argentina.

The membership cost is 20 euro a month, payable annually. All those funds are used for the organization activities and purchasing support material for cryopresrvation cases and improving our services.

You can download here the membership form (in Spanish) and you can mail it to us to

Formulario de alta nuevo socio de Sociedad Crionica

Membership fees will be billed to your bank account or can be paid to bank account where any donations would be always welcome as well:

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria

Account number: ES03 0182 2620 9102 0161 0217

NIF: G87652996

Beneficiary: Sociedad Crionica

You must specify your full name along with your membership payment
Our paypal address is:

If you are living in Argentina please contact