Sociedad Criónica

We are the first non-profit organization in the health sector set up in Spain to help all those who choose cryopreservation, instead of the current options facing death.


We want everyone to have access to clear and rigorous information about cryonics. Our organization encourages rational and critical thinking. Only with the right information and criteria we can make the right decisions

” Time is said to be a great teacher, the bad news is that he kills his disciples.”

Héctor Berlioz (1803-1869)

Main goals of the Sociedad Criónica are to educate society, fostering critical thinking, about Human Cryopreservation (HC) and work to solve the legal, economic, technical, logistic and scientific difficulties related to HC.

We advise our members, free of charge in:

Cryonic financing

Cryonic Contract

Emergency assistance

Patients Stabilization

Transportation to cryonic center

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Cryonic’s Truths and realities.

Frequently asked questions about us

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Cryonic’s Myths and truths

Not everything you read about cryonics is true or false. In this section we help you to clarify

How we help our members.

Members have complete information on all cryonics procedures.
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